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The time I met a mature gran for sex

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I want to share a story with you. It's about a woman called Joan, my Joaney. I met her on a dating website that aimed to help guys like me, with a granny fetish, contact and meet older women like her. When I first saw her dating profile I was instantly hooked on her. She had a the most beautiful, seductive smile that drew me in instantly, the other pics she displayed were also very arousing. Some of her lying naked on a bed, legs spread wide with a big black vibrator deep inside her retro bushed pussy. One photo she had posted was of another man with his tongue all over hard nipples at the end of her busty, saggy chest. I thought to myself, how dare this man take my Joaney like this. It made me want her, want her more than anything in the world. After only signing up to the site for a few hours I upgraded to a premium account so that I could get in contact with my new found fetish. On her profile it said she was 55. She carried all the experience and wisdom of a woman who knew what she wanted from a man. I could tell she would know her way around the bedroom. I fantasised about what she would be like when left alone in her room. One hand working it's way deep inside her moist old pussy, the other running along her chest, playing with those big hard nipples. The very image made me come in seconds, and I'm not someone who has a problem with PE (premature ejaculation). I waited with berated breath for her reply. Days passed by, other women contacted me, who were all beautiful and mature, but they weren't my Joaney. I had my sights set firmly on this prize and I wouldn't stop at anything until I could taste it. After a few days I was starting to lose hope that she would ever contact me back. I started up conversations with other women, I had setup a few dates with other members. Although I was devastated I thought there was no point in wasting an opportunity to fulfil my granny fetish, even if Joaney didn't want me. It was at this point that I got a photo message reply sent straight to my dating account. It was from her, My Joaney! I clicked the message and it opened up. There she was, naked as the day god made her. It was exactly like my fantasy, one hand inside her old, wet cunt, the other on her tits. But written across her belly in lipstick was a message. 'Dear Roger, sorry about the late reply. Don't worry. I've not stopped thinking about you....'