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Hot Granny Story - Part 1

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I want to share my favourite granny date story with you… I have got many tales from my time on this fantastic dating site, but I want to share with you this one story because it really opened my eyes up to what was possible through joining an online, open minded community like this one. I had been a member for a little over a month I think, and was settling into the fast pace of dating life. I was receiving several messages a week, from both men, and women – which was something that instantly took me by surprise. I was 53 and had never been with another woman in my life, in fact I had never even thought about experimenting with the same sex. I’m not sure what was different about that day, but something struck a chord with me deep inside… I was messaged by a couple, Janet and Todd, they lived local, were around a similar age (slightly younger to be precise) and were looking to introduce someone new into their bedroom for casual fun. At first I typed out a message that was very polite saying, thank you for the offer but no thank you. But as I went to click send, something stopped me. Whether it was a repressed experimental feeling, or the excitement at having the opportunity of trying something new for the first time, I’m not quite sure. But I deleted my original message and sent one back that simply read, ‘What time and place?’ That weekend I arrived at Janet and Todd’s house, it was very big, and very lovely. They welcomed me in. The first couple of hours were spent just getting to know each other, I guess it could still be possible, even at this late stage that the chemistry was lacking between us. Thankfully, and this applied to me, as much as I’m sure it did to them, there was no lack in our instant, sexual chemistry. I remember sipping my large glass of wine and looking at Janet in a light I had never cast across another woman. My initial attraction came from her lips, I felt my eyes consistently home in on them like they were the centre of my universe. I wanted to know what they would feel like pressed up against mine, wrapped around my nipples, and parted across my wet clit. Continued in Part 2