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A hot granny pic for you!

Yet again we have to defend the granny pics on our website! Someone somewhere has again started another rumor about our members and this time the claim is that we have hired professional models to pose for the photos we put up. Instead of being offended, we are actually very flattered and so are our members! While we always strive to deliver the very best pictures for our audience's viewing pleasure, we have never thought of them as being so good as to be considered professional! We consider our mature pics to be hot, sexy, provocative, naughty and many other things but never have we thought they would pass for professionally posed pictures! A hot granny pic for you! This time we won't fight the rumors. In fact we will support the rumor mongers by putting up better quality pictures of the hottest local grannies willing to be on the granny pics website! Check out our mature photos and let us know if we should advice our members to switch professions and look for modelling jobs!